Barber Connect meets: Dani ‘Toastie’ Styles

She’s known by many names including Toastie Style, Toast or Dave (“Dave’s my alter ego!”)  but we caught up with Dani from Johnny’s Chop Shop recently to talk all things barbering!

What tempted you to the barbering industry?

The reason I got into barbering is because I fell out of love with hairdressing. There was no passion for women’s hair anymore, unless it’s a pixie cut. As soon as I saw barbering and what it was about I felt I found my passion.

Which persons hair would you love to cut the most, and why?

I’ve never been asked this question! Whose hair would I like to cut? I don’t know who to say apart from someone really hot like josh hartnett haha. Or do a pixie haircut on Scarlett Johnson because I fancy her

Who/what influences your work?

American barbering influences me a lot, I like the way they fade. I’m always trying to get my work like theirs. A lot of Barbers inspire me and motivate me to become better, I can’t name point at the moment because there’s so many!

How does it feel to be on the Modern Barber stage supported by American Crew, along with many other talented barbers?

Being on stage at Barber Connect for Modern Barber is quite frankly making me feel sick haha! I can get very nervous in front of crowds but it’s always been a dream to cut on stage. I didn’t think my first time would be representing England at Barber Connect but if I’m going do it, I’ve got to do it big!